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Connecting the Worlds of Nanotechnology and Blockchain

Sep 23, 2019 12:34:19 PM / by Stephen Squires

Welcome to this first post on our new World of Dots blog.

Welcome to our new blog. It's a truly exciting time here at Quantum Materials Corporation as we are expanding our business in to new markets that bond the physical and digital worlds. And we're doing that by combining quantum dot nanotechnology and blockchain.

We have developed quantum dots that can be incorporated into many different types of product. Everything from apparel, plastics, electronic devices. Even liquids like oil. Also, the quantum dots that we have developed have the unique ability to be finely tuned to emit a specific and un-copiable light signature. This signature can be scanned using a hand-held device and the scan results in a digital identity. We then store that digital identity on a blockchain.

Why blockchain? Because once data is recorded on a blockchain it cannot be modified - so it cannot be hacked or tampered with. Blockchains are secured by cryptography originally developed by the NSA. Also, blockchains allow the same set of data to be shared among many participants. It is the same data, not local copies. This means that all participants in a supply chain from the point of manufacture to point of retail sale have access to the same original digital signature to ensure that a product is authentic.

I cannot stress enough how unique our approach is. We have taken many man years to develop quantum dots that can be incorporated into many different products and which can be tuned so accurately. And we have acquired world-class blockchain technology from a leader in that space, bringing the visionary who led the development on board as our CTO. We believe we are now in a great position to leverage our R&D for this substantial anti-counterfeit business opportunity. We're just getting started. There's much more to come. Please follow this blog to be kept up to date and feel free to leave comments. Thanks for your interest!


Stephen Squires

Written by Stephen Squires

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