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Webinar Recording: Fighting Counterfeits with Quantum Dots & Blockchain

Nov 21, 2019 5:04:13 PM / by Stephen Squires

Since Quantum Materials announced its anti-counterfeit focus, we've been inundated with interest in and questions about our quantum dot/blockchain approach to addressing the global criminal enterprise of counterfeit goods.

In order to provide some answers about our unique combination of nanotechnology and blockchain, as well as about quantum dots themselves and anti-counterfeit use cases, we just held a webinar with presentations from the company's leadership team. Nearly 200 individuals tuned in live and many great questions were asked (thank you for those).

For everyone that missed the live show, and also for those that want an encore performance, a recording of the webinar is now posted to the (new) Quantum Materials YouTube channel. View it at this link:

We're planning to hold future webinars to provide more information not just on the company's anti-counterfeit focus but also on its other business areas. Stay tuned for all the exciting developments happening here at Quantum Materials!

Stephen Squires

Written by Stephen Squires

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