QDX™ Platform is an open, cloud-delivered, blockchain-based network designed to ensure authenticity and validation of people, products and processes. It has numerous potential applications, including counterfeit detection for global brands, verification of individuals' identity when transacting business online, and validation of the health status of people who may have been exposed to an infectious disease.

By leveraging open APIs, industry standards and mobile devices, QDX™ Platform can support several methods of establishing and validating identities, including 
Auth0 integration, capture of QR codes and QMC's own authentication technology.


QDX™ HealthID

QDX™ HealthID is a secure, trusted, always-on service that provides end-to-end visibility to support testing and immunization for infectious diseases on a global scale, as well as associated back-to-work programs for individuals that are verifiably clear of a disease. Learn more here.

QDX™ Key

QDX™ Key is a solution to determining the authenticity of people who are conducting business online. As remote working and e-Commerce increases, so does the opportunity to perpetrate online fraud and disrupt business processes. QDX™ Key supports several methods to validate the identity of those online to ensure that interactions can be undertaken with appropriate privacy and with confidence.

QDX™ Genuine

QDX™ Genuine provides a mechanism for global brands, manufacturers, retailers and individuals to ensure that products are not counterfeit and have been safely and securely transported from their point of manufacture to the end customer. By authenticating customers, the service may also be leveraged to ensure that purchase of controlled products complies with local statutes, and to establish customer loyalty programs.