Quantum Materials Corporation

Founded in 2007, Quantum Materials Corp. is the leading manufacturer of Quantum Dots for use in many consumer, business and industrial applications. It is headquartered at Texas State University's STAR Park innovation facility in San Marcos, TX and is publicly listed and traded under the ticker symbol QTMM.

The Promise of Quantum Dots 

Quantum Dots are nanoscale semiconductor particles that possess notable and extremely useful optical and electronic properties. QDs measure from 10 to 100 atoms in size - approximately 10,000 QDs would fit across the diameter of a human hair. They generate light when energy is applied to them or generate energy when light is applied.

QDs are being increasingly incorporated into high quality and energy efficient displays, sustainable and low cost solar cells and reliable and extended life solid state lighting. Other applications include energy storage and quantum computing.

The Quantum Materials team has spent several years perfecting QDs for the above markets and (leveraging their proprietary capabilities) now also for use in secure identity and anti-counterfeit applications. These offerings are commercially available via the Quantum Dot Xtreme (QDXTM) product family.

QMC Dots

Quantum Materials' QMC Dots have been designed so that they possess a number of unique properties that improve their efficacy, reduce their cost and allow them to be used in a number of new applications. Specifically:

* QMC Dots are heat resistant to 260 degrees Celsius, so they can both withstand the heat of LCD display line production and the constant heat from active use in solid state lighting. This feature also reduces the need for expensive barrier films, lowering the cost of production.

* QMC Dots are manufactured using an automated process allowing for the creation today of  25 grams/hour of QDs per QMC Reactor with the expectation of kilograms/hour by year end. High QD consistency is achieved bu monitoring and managing the production process by software without the need for expensive and slow manual monitoring.

* QMC Dots can be finely-tuned to emit a predetermined wavelength of light. When they are incorporated into almost any physical item, they provide a unique optical signature that establishes product identities. These identities are impossible to copy or clone so that products enhanced by them can be verified as being genuine items and not counterfeits.

QMC Ledger Blockchain Platform

When the optical signature of a product is scanned (via a hand-held scanner or an app on a smartphone), a digital representation is created that is stored on the QMC Ledger blockchain platform. The platform provides an immutable, scalable and shared data store for consistent tracking and visibility among all participants in a product supply chain - from manufacture to customer purchase.

The identity and access credentials of participants, be they individuals, corporations or machines is also secured on the platform, providing mechanisms to control and restrict the supply of products as might be required by regulatory mandates and socially conscious business practices.