The Versatility of QDXTM Dots. The Power of QDX™ Platform.

The product of more than a decade of research and development and significant financial investment, QDXTM Dots are the most versatile quantum dots in existence. We are already involved in leveraging them for applications as different as displays, solar energy, lighting, anti-counterfeit and personal identity authentication. 

High End Displays

Quantum Dots improve the performance and energy efficiency of very high-resolution computer, TV and smartphone displays. QDXTM Dots are stable, with long lifetimes, enhanced charge transport, and also exhibit high Stokes shift characteristics for improved clarity and brightness.

Efficient Solar Energy

The demand for solar power is increasing driven by the high cost of fossil fuels coupled with their associated geopolitical and existential risks. QDXTM Dots absorb energy 24/7 from both visible and UV light making them the best option for solar cells.

Solid State Lighting

With energy consumption of around 10% of incandescent lights, solid state lighting has huge potential with some 2 billion light bulbs sold each year in the US alone. Because of their heat resistant properties, QDX™ Dots are better suited to work in solid state lighting than those from other manufacturers.

Anti-Counterfeit and Brand Trust

Counterfeit goods represent a $1.8 Trillion annual criminal market, impacting brand trust, product quality and consumer safety. The QDXTM Genuine system, optionally combined with QDXTM Dots, ensure that products are authentic at manufacture and through their entire supply chain journey.