Leadership and Senior Management

Quantum Materials has assembled a world-class team of business leaders, advanced materials experts, technologists and financial operations executives to form its core leadership team. 

Stephen Squires

Stephen Squires

President & CEO

Stephen Squires has more than 30 years experience in advanced materials, nanotechnology and other emerging technologies. Prior to forming Quantum Materials Corporation, Mr. Squires consulted on these fields with emphasis on applications engineering, strategic planning, commercialization and marketing. From 1983 to 2001, he was Founder and CEO of Aviation Composite Technologies Inc., which he grew to more than 200 employees and $20 million in revenue. ACT was merged with USDR Aerospace in 2001. In the late 1970s at McDonnell Douglas he developed and adapted advanced materials for combat aircraft applications. 

Mr. Squires continues to pursue his lifelong interest in advanced materials, especially Tetrapod Quantum Dots and other semiconductor nanocrystals with unique nanoscale quantum features. Under his leadership, Quantum Materials has gathered or originated quantum dot technology related to unique QD synthesis, scaling of QD production, and QD printing technologies to position the company for leadership and growth in these areas.

Robert Phillips CFO

Robert Phillips


Robert Phillips has extensive experience as a consultant with positions in accounting, finance, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) financial reporting, Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliance and strategic planning in industries as diverse as software, hardware manufacturing, medical technology and global communication services.

 Less than two years after completing his MBA at Texas A&M, he became CFO of a publicly traded company that was experiencing a difficult turnaround.  A few years later he again became CFO and Chief Strategy Officer at publicly traded SecureCare Technologies, a medical technology spin-out.

His early CFO experience led him to positions and consulting engagements ranging from the CFO of iStream Technologies, a startup business process management company specializing in regulatory compliance, to global scale Apple, where he was a managing consultant of a high transaction volume stock operations team. There he managed accounting and related 10-Q and 10-K financial equity disclosure and technical accounting assessments, as well as the transitioning of the department's operational site from Cupertino to Austin. 

Jay Williams CTO

Jay Williams


Jay Williams has been a Chief Technology Officer and consultant to many companies in the Fortune 500. As a consultant, he has developed a highly refined process for managing a company’s technology infrastructure, including applications, security, and network assets.

Mr. Williams is a highly sought-after enterprise systems architect and problem solver. He has advised a number of high profile technology companies on their products and is known for a rare combination of deep technology expertise, expert problem solving ability and business acumen. 

He is widely respected by peers and has influenced many pivotal technology consortia and industry steering groups. Mr. Williams regularly consults with senior technology and business executives and is frequently consulted by venture and capital investors for analyses of new technology strategies.

Nick Vitalari - Advisor

Nick Vitalari

Vice President Strategy

Dr. Nicholas P. Vitalari is CEO and founder of Elasticity Labs and co-founder of Blitzscaling Enterprises. He has served as a professor and associate dean at the UC Irvine, Paul Merage School of Business and the Donald Bren School of Information and Computer Science, a senior vice president and member of the CSC Corporate Technology Steering Committee at Computer Sciences Corporation, a co-founder and executive vice-president at the Concours Group, and as a consultant for Fortune 500 corporations, major agencies in the Federal Government, and numerous startups.

He is the author of four books and is published widely in peer-reviewed journals and business publications. His 2012book (with Haydn Shaughnessy), The Elastic Enterprise: The New Manifesto for Business Revolutionwas one of the first publications to identify the emergence of new scale economics and its role among companies like Amazon, Apple, Google and Netflix. His most recent work, “Blitzscaling and Beyond,” focuses on how corporations, organizations and social enterprises can employ technology and new scaling models to successfully innovate and do good at unprecedented speed.

He has a Ph.D. and an MBA degree from the University of Minnesota, and an undergraduate degree from Marquette University.

John Hartigan

John Hartigan

Director Marketing

John Hartigan founded the first of his many businesses at 15 years of age: a tennis court washing service. When the rapid growth of the business began to interfere with his education, his parents made him sell it and focus on his schoolwork. Now, 30 years on, Mr. Hartigan has founded and led multiple startups and early growth projects, achieving success through strategic partnerships with a number of Fortune 500 companies. 

Over the past four years, he has focused on practical business applications of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Most recently, Mr. Hartigan served as CEO of Intiva Health, launching the first enterprise decentralized application for healthcare provider credentialing.

As a blockchain and DLT evangelist, Mr. Hartigan is frequently invited to speak at events around the world to share and discuss the impact of blockchain in our daily lives.

CN Head Shot-1

Chris Nicolaou

Director Business Development

Chris Nicolaou is business technology executive who has been involved in business start-ups for the last 25 years. He is an executive and business architect with proven experience in launching and growing high-tech service delivery companies. His biggest accomplishment to date has been the founding and sale of an MSP; growing it from annual revenues of $60k to over $5.5MM and has led teams ranging in size from 10 to over 150 people.

His 25 years of experience in business spans consulting and leadership in the fields of aerospace, law, energy, general contracting, insurance and medical industries, to real estate and government, in which he has held roles such as CEO, COO, CIO and CRO.


Eric Maginniss

Director of Engineering

Eric Maginniss has been a startup engineer in Austin for the last 22 years.  His skills are primarily in architecture, design, and development for enterprise-scale applications, though his diverse skillset allows him to explore many different areas of technology.  While mentoring and management can be very rewarding, he often finds himself happiest throwing on a pair of headphones and untangling some thorny problems.  He has had successful and rewarding tenures at ClearCommerce, NewsStand.com, Troux Technologies, Movero, AlienVault (now AT&T Cybersecurity), and Dun & Bradstreet as well as several forays into independent consulting.  Eric comes to Quantum Materials Corp very excited about the technology and is thrilled to become part of the team.