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Quantum Materials Corporation

Founded in 2007, Quantum Materials Corp. is a leading manufacturer of Quantum Dots.  It is headquartered at Texas State University's STAR Park innovation facility in San Marcos, TX.

The Promise of Quantum Dots

Quantum Dots are nanoscale semiconductor particles that possess notable and extremely useful optical and electronic properties. QDs measure from 10 to 100 nm in size - approximately 10,000 QDs would fit across the diameter of a human hair. They generate light when energy is applied to them or generate energy when light is applied.

QMC is Constantly Innovating & Expanding Uses
for Quantum Dots 

Quantum Materials Corp is a leader in materials science and commercial operations.  Approaching nanomaterials applications from a materials science slant enables QMC to take a wider view of nano particles utilization and benefits.  Due to the ever-expanding scope of use for quantum dots, QMC

Quantum Dots

Low-cost, low-waste, "green" production, high-efficiency applications for:


Lateral Flow Tests

QR/Bar Codes


Solar energy will be the world’s dominant energy source and quantum dots will play a prominent role in  solar generation systems.

Medical Image 3.png

Medical Devices

Combining the luminescent power of nanoparticles (Quantum Dots) to medical devices may  enhance sensitivity in detecting biomarkers.

Quantum Dot QR & Bar Codes

Quantum Dot enhanced QR & bar codes are invisible to the naked eye without luminescence and can be used to enhanced tracking information without marring the look of a product.

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