Quantum Materials Corp is a future-focused innovations company with a mission to perfect and commercialize cutting edge technologies, including nano-materials, blockchain and AI. Founded in 2007, QMC manufactures industry-leading QMC Dot nanotechnology for use in numerous applications, including solar energy, power efficient lighting and high-definition displays. 
QMC uniquely merges the physical and the digital worlds on a molecular level by combining QMC Dots with its blockchain-based QMC Platform authenticity technology. The integration of these technologies is creating new services to validate digital identity and authenticate physical products, allowing individuals and organizations to work and live more safely and securely and to transact business with increased trust. 




Quantum Dots improve the performance and energy efficiency of very high-resolution computer, TV and smartphone displays. QMC Dots are stable, with long lifetimes, enhanced charge transport, and also exhibit high Stokes shift characteristics for improved clarity and brightness.

Solar Energy

The demand for solar power is increasing driven by the high cost of fossil fuels coupled with their associated geopolitical and existential risks. QMC Dots absorb energy 24/7 from both visible and UV light making them the best option for solar cells.