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Our Mission

Quantum Materials Corp will be the dominant leader in versatile Nanomaterials for multiple applications that will see the world and its inhabitants safely into the next generation of truly clean, affordable solar energy production, safe, accurate medical devices and imaginative anti-counterfeit methods.

Quantum Dots Are The Most Versatile Quantum Dots In Existence

Quantum Materials' nano particles have been designed so that they possess a number of unique properties that improve their efficacy, reduce their cost and allow them to be used in a number of new applications.



* QMC Dots are heat resistant to 260 degrees Celsius, so they can both withstand the heat of LCD display line production and the constant heat from active use in solid state lighting. This feature also reduces the need for expensive barrier films, lowering the cost of production.

* QMC Dots are manufactured using an automated process allowing for the creation today of  25 grams/hour of QDs per QMC Reactor.  High QD consistency is achieved by monitoring and managing the production process by software without the need for expensive and slow manual monitoring.

* QMC Dots can be finely-tuned to emit a predetermined wavelength of light. When they are incorporated into almost any physical item, they provide a unique optical signature that establishes product identities. These identities are impossible to copy or clone so that products enhanced by them can be verified as being genuine items and not counterfeits.

Experienced Leadership

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